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The Living Is Easy In The Friday Open Thread

Harvesting hay in Newberry County, South Carolina. The plastic covers make the bales ferment slightly, raising their nutritional value. This hay will feed local beef cattle.

While summer may not be officially here for a few days, has your summer already started in earnest? Are you busy grilling, planing your trips and shaking out your summer duds? Is this the summer you jump on the bandwagon and take a staycation?

I’m bi-coastal these days so my thoughts at present are on the contrasts between North San Diego County in Southern California and rural South Carolina. From food to manners to prices, the two areas are very different. I’m enjoying the pleasures of both locales this summer.


This week on Hackerspace Moon solicited our help on better audio for his TV.

What’s on your mind? What did you learn this week? What conundra can the Hacker Hive Mind help you with? And what tips and hacks can you share with the rest of us for enjoying summer 2016 to the max?

Jump in and share; the water’s fine!

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