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The mock tests will, most likely, be the final stage of your GMAT prep. This is essentially, where you will truly refine your GMAT skills. Needless to say, the mock tests are incredibly important and their quality must be taken into account when selecting a GMAT prep program.

Aside from making sure that the difficulty and complexity of the tests is in line with the GMAT’s, one must also ensure that the nature and quality of the tests is, as well. The questions must cover all of the required concepts, in the correct proportion. Furthermore, the scoring pattern must also be in line with the GMAT’s. It will also be best if the tests have strong analytics. While the cost of the program should not be a deciding factor, it only makes sense to go for the more economical option, if both are of similar quality.

Of all the well-known GMAT practice tests, Experts Global is probably the best on all of these fronts.


Number of Tests

Experts’ Global’s mock test series has 15, full-length tests, which is considerably more than any other test series does. This allows those who take up Experts’ Global’s test series to get in a lot more practice. This is, very much, by design, as Experts’ Global’s takes the position that doing a great number of mock tests is the best way to build stamina and refine test taking strategies. You can also take up a free mock test offered by Experts’ Global.

Quality of Questions

The questions on Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock tests are very in-sync with the GMAT’s. They have the same style of presentation, they cover the same concepts, and they maintain an appropriate level of difficulty and complexity. The screen that the tests are conducted on, is also in sync with the GMAT’s. It has the same full-screen environment, the same controls, and even highly similar graphics. It even has a timerthat turns red, if you takelonger than appropriate, on any question.


Representative Scoring

The GMAT scoring algorithm is not known to the public, so most other GMAT test makers struggle to match their scoring, to the real thing. Experts’ Global, however, has really cracked the code here. Their students have consistently reported that their scores on Experts’ Global’s mock tests to be nearly identical to their scores on the official GMAT mock tests and even their real GMATs. Considering the importance of the scoring system in ensuring that a mock test can accurately predict a student’s performance, this is certainly a big point in Experts’ Global’s favor.


Robust Analytics

The analysis system that these tests are backed by is very efficient, accurate, and detailed. After every mock, it provides an in-depth breakdown of the student’s performance. It lets them know which areas need the most attention and how long they spend on each type of question.


Self-Study Resources

This test series also includes a very unique, self-study aspect. Each mock test question has a corresponding explanation video. This way, the student has a quick way to understand any question that they could not answer. The videos also provide them with very time-efficient solutions, which most students find to be very useful in improving their speed. They also come with a set of ten e-books on sentence correction. Those e-books are one of the most comprehensive sources on GMAT sentence correction available. Each concept is covered and in great detail, as well.


Experts’ Global’s GMAT mock test series is the finest of its kind. It is unmatched in virtually every important factor and has a number of excellent, additional features.

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