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Sports have been largely influential to our lives. People from all backgrounds and walk of life enjoy sports, and this fact has even garnered the attention of some of the biggest tech companies in the world. There have even been some who have combines live streaming to the sports niche, providing fans the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports from the comfort of their homes (or really, wherever they are).

Currently, the most widely used sports live streaming app is the Kodi app, which allows people to simply install Kodi sports add-ons to their devices and have unlimited access to their favorite sports. However, let’s take a quick look at some other platforms that have embraced sports live streaming.



Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world (and a site best known for their limit of just 140 characters) has made enormous investments into the sports streaming a move that many saw as shocking, Twitter shelled out $10 million in order to get rights to stream 10 NFL games on Periscope. Given the fact that the live streaming is free to all users, the question of what Twitter gets is really what everyone seems to be asking.

Basically everyone who is tech savvy knows that Twitter has had a bit of a rough patch and the site is struggling to increase the number of registered users who make use of the platform (a challenge which has greatly affected the company’s profits, caused a plunge in the value of the company’s stock as well as damaged its appeal to any potential investor). Twitters man objective for this investment is to generate massive awareness on the social platform through streaming (As well as generate some much-needed revenue as well). By providing an environment that fosters engagement and conversations by fans, it is Twitter’s hope that more and more fans who will rather not have to pay the exorbitant traditional television and pay-per-view viewing feel will make the switch to streaming their beloved sports on the social media site.


About a decade ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that most of the content consumed online is text-based. However, at a conference earlier this year, he went on to correct himself; “Now, it’s photos, and it will soon be live video. We live in a world that is video first, with videos being at the heart of all our apps and services”


Tis statement effectively marked the centerpiece of Facebook’s strategy, and showed the fact that Facebook has been particularly adept at keeping in line with current trends and the way in which people make use of social media. So far, Facebook has signed major deals with USA’s Major League Soccer and the Spanish La Liga. Facebook also makes allowance for the NBA’s minor league system to stream games, and over the summer, pre-Olympic basketball games involving the USA’’s men’s and women’s national teams were also streamed on Facebook.

Another giant stride came in the form of Facebook getting rights to live stream Wayne Rooney’s testimonial match at Old Trafford. Worldwide, the stream pulling in 3.7 million viewers and although you could argue that this umber was largely because it was a one-of-a-kind type of game filled with many famous names and a lot of star power, you also have to consider how much Facebook stands to make if they get rights to stream a match of the Premier League, the most watched (and by far the richest) football league in the world. This fact definitely also has broadcasting companies scared beyond words. Back in 2012, BT Sport dropped a bomb on the war on TV rights by closing a deal that represented over a 75% increase on the likes of BBC and Sky Sport. They could do this because they had considerably more resources that could outbid both of their bitter rivals. So what stops Facebook, one of the most valuable names in the tech business, from making a foray into this market and bowing all their rivals out of the water?



DAZN has been dubbed ‘Netflix of Sports’. It is the world’s first dedicated live sports streaming service, and the platform provides fans with unrestricted access to live sports on multiple services. Fans enjoy access to a wide array of major sports and major football matches from the world’s best football leagues.


DAZN provides a multi-device functionality that provides the perfect opportunity for people who will like to watch their sports on-the-go.

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