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You know was creepypastas are, right? Those internet urban myths and ghost stories that get copied and pasted (hence, “creepypasta” which is derived from “copypasta”). If you’ve heard of any of them, odds are it’s the Slender Man (or Slenderman). There was even a documentary made about him this year, focusing on a real attempted murder case that inspired by the Slender Man myth.

But despite being the most mainstream creepypasta monster, the Slender Man isn’t the only character who has gained notoriety on the web. Fans of creepypasta will also tell you about encounters with the Rake, Smile Dog, NoEnd House (yes, I consider the house a character), and the controversial Jeff the Killer.


There are a lot of really good creepypastas out there. And there are a lot of really bad ones. So what ingredients go into making a really good creepypasta? I decided to investigate by reading 72 of the most shared, most discussed, highest rated creepypastas. I then identified 7 common creepypasta “ingredients” that could be found to varying degrees throughout virtually all of the stories I read. Not every single story had all seven of these ingredients, but they all had at least two.

So what were my findings? They’re all here in this infographic.

Illustration for article titled The Secret Recipe For a Viral Creepypasta [Infographic]

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