Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Hello everyone. I have the thread this week. So just let me begin by saying that life is like a lego block. It fits, but the corners are sharp and there are bumpy things that give you away. And there are color mismatches.

But we do go on. Brick wall or no brick wall. Speaking of personal photos, here’s this one I took in the Spring. It was evening, and after, I subtracted a whole bunch of the blue hue in order to get what you see.

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But enough about me. Meet some of my latest lego... art. And be sure to denounce any and all of it at will.

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I made:
The Church of the Lego Sunrise
The Ancient Sword of Lego-caliber
The Shrine of the Fireplace Mantle
Blue Alien Cowboy

I hope you’ll forgive my focus on the self. But if you won’t, I’ll continue anyway, but not much longer.

I made a kind of summer project out of a new 2in1 tablet laptop. And I have to say that though Windows 10 is fun to try shape into something I can use, I’m still glad I don’t live there. MS gave us a lot of new goodies in W10, but took many away. So I’m just glad that Windows 10 is where I go slumming, and not where I live.

I’m in non-selfish gear now. Tell me what crafts or creations you’re into this summer. And btw have you had a chance to feel a summer wind in your face in the morning, and thought maybe you could almost catch what it felt like when you were a kid, and running out to play on the first day of Summer, and not have any adult baggage with you? Has that wonder come over any of you at all lately? I sure hope so. For all our sakes. I have often felt unfree to enjoy what waits outside in the good weather, or even some of the bad weather. As a child, I’d just run out the door and forget to comb my hair.

Talk on. Tell all. I’ll listen. We’ll all listen, whoever of us are here.

And don’t forget to denounce my ... art.


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