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They Let Me Host Another Friday Open Thread

It’s May 20th, everyone! I am hosting this thread because I volunteered, and because Revanchist was too drunk to ask someone else. See when you’re sober, you’re thinking, so goes the adage. Speaking of thinking, here is a cat picture.

Speaking of cat pictures, here’s another cat picture.


Speaking of pictures, here is a picture of Marilyn, with a nice quote in it.

Speaking of quotes, here’s this:


^^ It’s a quote of many colors.

Speaking of computers, here’s mine. It looks ok. If you disagree, you are insane. Furthermore, I don’t care what dangles or sticks out. That didn’t sound right.


Now that I’m just about done, would anyone care to comment on the ugliest computer you ever saw? Or most badly neglected? Naturally, mine doesn’t apply.

On a crappy note, this week, Revanchist and others of us said a fond and not-so-happy farewell to Melanie Pinola. We wish her the best. Lifehacker will be a poorer place without her. Take care and MAJOR MOUNTAINS OF GOOD LUCK, Melanie. You will be missed. Please come back and comment here, even as regular unwashed rabble like us! : )


So now, tickety talk talk talk away. The bar is open, as is the Thread, which is brought to you by Hackerspace, where we never say never again.


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