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This Infographic Is Your Key To Creating Addictive Content

Do you know how to create content that is addictive?

While addiction carries negative connotations, when it comes to content, it can actually be a very good thing! Just think about what makes content addictive. Addictive content is content that draws us back to it over and over again, either because it’s entertaining, or informative, or heart-wrenching, or controversial. Usually, addictive content is a combination of those things. And all of those things offer readers or viewers value of some kind.


Addictive content is valuable content. Content worth taking the time to consume. After all, we’re all aware of how much repetitive fluff content there is out there. It can become tiresome to sift through hundreds of headlines for articles that don’t say anything particularly interesting.

When setting out to create content for your business or for your own personal site, the #1 thing you should strive to do is create content that offers people something new. This doesn’t have to mean writing about a topic that has never been covered before; with so much content out there, finding something totally new to cover is virtually impossible. But even if you write about an existing topic, aim to approach the topic from a new angle and offer new insights. Or take it a step further and write the most researched and in-depth post on the topic.


There are a variety of ways you can approach creating content that is addictive. This infographic offers 46 tips from content marketing and SEO experts for how to create addictive content that offers real value to readers and viewers, and how to get it out there so people actually read it.

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