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This Is YOUR Lucky Friday @ The Open Thread

Happy Friday 13th everyone. I *welcome* the chance to take on these so-called ‘unlucky’ days. I have yet to experience a Friday13 that was any different from any other day in a given week <knocking on wood>.


When I was 8, I broke a small mirror. My luck stayed as it was— some of this, some of that, no change.

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I don’t push it though. I have this thing about not putting new sneakers on my table when I bring them home. You know how it is, you just want to look over what you bought, along with the receipt, but there’s that rule to stop you ——> no shoes on the table! or else BAD THINGS......VERY BAD! ; )

You guys harboring any of these weird and irrational superstitions? What say you talk about them here?

Before I turn this thread back to more responsible people, I would like to say that I’ve spent months, even years, trying to decide what to buy as my first smartphone. It has been a hand wringing experience. In Android, there are almost too many choices to bear. I don’t dream of the more expensive Nexus phones, nor the Sony Xperia line, but I do want something under $300, that isn’t a piece of crap. Reviews and people’s opinions only go so far. I have to go down to the local Staples and/or Audio Warehouse and handle one of these phones for myself, see what works, what will hurt my eyes the least, as well as my hands, and my bank account. The Motorola “Moto G” looks acceptable, but the lesser “Moto E” doesn’t look too much worse. They say that the Moto G is the most popular smartphone in the world right now. But the proof will be in the handling I guess.

I know that I’ve seen more than enough youtube videos on this subject. I’m sick of watching people get off on one brand of smartphone, or taking a p*** on another. Time to get out of the passenger seat and drive something.

I could just go on and on about the bits of things going on in my world. This place is tempting. But I’ll just stop here and wish everyone a LUCKY weekend!

Now, talk. Talk, or bad luck will follow you, the whole week long..... Maybe longer.

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