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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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[Tip] Convoluted News Reading System

For: Tablet Users w/ Limited or Slow Internet

Apps Used:

  • Instapaper
  • Feedly (RSS)


Using Feedly (or your desired RSS service) flip through various articles and send the articles whose titles pique your interest to Instapaper, avoiding having to load the full, bloated pages to read the whole article.


Open Instapaper and load all of the articles you have sent. Read them now, or read them later, even without Internet.

Connect Instapaper to IFTTT, so that liking or archiving articles can back them up to a more permanent location (i.e. Evernote)


In the end, you spend a minute or two sending links to Instapaper, and end up with a light, readable stock of offline reads.


Reading the articles offline allows you to save battery on a tablet or phone, and of course, offers the convenience of not needing a constant connection.


Instapaper strips the articles server-side, which saves (possibly) precious megabytes on a mobile data plan and allows for quicker rendering in areas where download speeds are slow or throttled compared to loading the full article.

The minimalist format of Instapaper can also prevent the user from becoming distracted by advertisements or other articles.

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