If you are like me and have tons of apps that have accumulated on your iPhone and are clogging up your home screen(s), then this tip might be for you!

I have used numerous approaches to app organization and I feel like my current iteration is the most helpful that I've tried.

The basic concept behind my layout is where the notification badges appear. I was overwhelmed with all the different badges all over the place ranging from email, text, phone calls and social media notifications. Now, I understand that you can just turn them off individually but I like to have a visual representation of my notifications and the badges are good at that. I seemed to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.


So I threw all the apps that have directly to do with communication in a folder on my dock called (Comm.) for communications. I also have done this for daily used apps and utilities.


I also threw in a shot of my second home screen just to show what I like to use. I've found that I like to use widgets through Dashboard X from Cydia but I often don't use them. This is my current page of widgets that I am trying out.

Let me know what you think and maybe even show some of your homescreen organizational preferences.