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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Tip It Back in the Friday Open Thread

Good morning everybody! This is a hold-up.

K it’s not. It’s the Friday Open Thread! Welcome to it! Norma Jeane sends her best. Her and I have started drinking early!


I was just rewatching this, for about the 700th time, 700 times, since the time when youtube let you overstuff yourself with things you maybe should have only watched *once* and no more... and maybe, some things that should never have been watched at all, and now, all your wasted time is nonrefundable.

It’s just like your time spent reading this intro.

I’d make peace with it, if I were you. I mean, we’ve all dumped so much time, life, energy, emotion, love, our hearts minds souls— right down that sinkhole that has no bottom and gives not a lot in return, especially time... that thing we call the internet. Or, maybe you were thinking of your relatives and not the net? No matter.

Be a fatalist. Be a stoic. Accept what is gone. And if you’re not pleased to see any of this writing, be happy that someone else is hosting next week.


Now before I turn everything over to you guys, I do have a question for you all: How, tell me how, how to deal with a commenter—any old commenter— who comes at you out of nowhere with a bit of hostility, and your anger just *itches* to not let them get away with it, even though maybe you should just let it go, for the troll comment that it is. What’s to be done? What philosophy do you all apply, that is, if you apply one at all?


I wouldn’t mind knowing. Because I do have a problem with getting snided from out of the blue. I just want to swat right back, when maybe I should move on and forget, but I have not learned how to address this particular kind of recurring need to kick some troll ass, and make sure to kick them twice as hard as they gave it to me. It is a problem. Because it hurts my physical health, one bad comment can set me back for up to a day, emotionally/physically. Logic says that such drive-by people aren’t worth it. But on I go. So....? Your thoughts, if you want to get into that.

Else, say anything and all things. Ask anything and all things. Or most anything and all things.

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