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Top 10 Free #WordPress Plugins for Online Marketers and #Entrepreneurs

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If you’re using internet to grow and build your business, and your website relies on WordPress (it should), then you should use these free plugins.


Go and take a look at your favorite blogs ans websites. If they’re websites are on WordPress, you’ll probably find some, if not all, of these plugins.

Hope you’ll find something here that will help you to boost your business.

1. Leadeo Lite

Imagine this scenario…

You’ve created (or embedded someone else’s YouTube) video on your post.

Then, at some point during the video, you (or whoever is on the video) mention something related to your business.


For example, let’s say you have a food blog. And you’ve embedded a video where someone talks about gluten-free food. Imagine if that video would pause at that exact moment, and show your opt-in form where a viewer can leave an email to get your free PDF “10 easy-to-make gluten-free lunch ideas.”

How many people would leave an email, what do think?

Well, Leadeo Lite WordPress plugin lets you do exactly THAT. It pauses the video that is embedded at your website at the exact time you want, and shows your opt-in form.


Give it a try.

2. SumoMe

What if you could add multiple opt-in forms on your website with just few clicks, without coding, and that are beautiful at the same time?


Well, SumoMe WordPress plugin is exactly that. It allows you to add:

  • Popup form
  • Slide form
  • Smart bar form
  • WelcomeMat form
  • and more... on your website

Over 239,831 websites are using SumoMe to grow their lists and their businesses. Are you?


3. Facebook Comments

Comments on a blog post build trust. (Hey, if a lot of people take their time to comment on something, it must be good.)


Comments on a blog increase time people spend on your blog. (It takes time to write. It takes time to read them.)

Comments on a blog post increase the value of the blog post. (Sometimes, the golden ideas, tips and tricks can be found on people’s comments.)



What if comments could actually help you get more traffic?

Well… they can.

When you use Facebook comment system on your blog, every time someone leaves a comment, their comment appears on their Facebook profile… along with the link to your blog post!


In other words, they shared your blog post, whether they liked it or not.

And Facebook Comments WordPress plugin makes it easy for you to add these comments on your blog.


4. Tweet This

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti


Smart quote, right?

What happens if you want to share it with your friends? You’d have to copy the quote. Open your Twitter profile. Paste the quote. Paste the link to a blog post where they can read more.


Or, you can just click “Tweet This” button and share it instantly on your Twitter profile.

With Tweet This WordPress plugin you let people share smart things from your posts with their followers.


Oh, yeah, they also send you some traffic.

5. Image Watermark

People will save images from your blog and use them on their blogs, social media profiles, etc.


And you can’t do much to stop them from doing that.

However, you can at least try to benefit from that.

Image Watermark WordPress plugin allows you to put a watermark over your images. That way, when anyone uses your image on their blog or social media, people will see where the image is coming from, and they might visit your blog.


6. Social Locker

What if...

You write a super helpful blog post. And you give A LOT of value to people. And then, you decide to give them even more value with some follow-up text, or PDF, or video...
But, you decide to give that extra content only to those who show and interest and share your main post on social media.


What do you think will happen?

Yup, your social sharing will go through the roof!

Well, Social Locker WordPress plugin gives you an option to “hide” certain parts of your blog posts, and share them ONLY when person shares that post on one of the social media profiles.


Awesome, right?

7. Tracking Script Manager

If you’re promoting your business online, you probably use bunch of codes:

  • Google Analytics code
  • Facebook Custom Audience code
  • Facebook Conversion Pixel code
  • Google AdWords tracking code…

And to deal with these codes, you need either to have a developer at disposal, or you need to know what you’re doing.


Or, use Tracking Script Manager.

This free WordPress plugin will keep your scripts organized, so that you easily add new ones and delete the ones you don’t need, all without messing with the code of your website.


8. CustomerICare

Before they decide to buy something from you, people will most often have some pre-sale questions.


With CustomerICare WordPress plugin you can let them ask directly from your sales page, via live chat box.

9. Broken Link Checker

If your website links to some website that doesn’t exist anymore, or you link to a wrong URL that doesn’t lead people anywhere, it hurt’s your brand, your reputation, and your Google rankings.


With Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin you can find out what links on your website are broken, sou you can fix them easily.

10. WP Polls

Need an idea for your next blog post? Your next product? Or you just want to see what your readers/customers think about something?


Well, ask them!

And WP Polls makes it easy for you to run polls on your blog, see the results and make decisions based on these results.


Cool list, huh?

What free WordPress plugin would you recommend for entrepreneurs, business owners and online marketers?

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