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Your big day is just around the corner, and of course, you must be very excited about it.

Engagement day is a precious day for sure and that one thing that gets you weak on your knees.And not to mention the whole of preparation that you need to do! But of all the prepping that you need to do for that day, choosing the engagement rings Brisbane can be the toughest part – yes, you want to get something that is genuine and stunning, just like your better half.

The designs matter and what also matters is quality. You should of course never settle for any less. The best is to take along your bride-to-be when you go shopping for the engagement ring.But if you have no clue really, it is good to first get some idea, so that you can help her choose one that best suits her.


Worry not, just go with the engagement ring trends for 2020, and you are sure to find the best match.

1. Keen on sustainability?

No matter how expensive or how gorgeous your ring is, the first thing above all other factors that you need to check is the sustainability of the material. Most of us do not bother to check the background of how the ring has been made and what are the materials used and how sustainable it really is. We understand what catches our eyes comes home with us, but ladies, it’s 2020 and we should deeply focus on the quality of our wedding rings. Make sure you know the story of your future engagement ring before you wear it.

2. Get it new. Get it yellow-gold.

Diamond or gold can be a really serious issue as both of them have their own authenticity and market value and, the beauty of course. But what 2020 offers you is yellow-gold if you do not want to get a diamond, or maybe, yellow-gold with diamond! The glitters and sparkles are worth the attention in the engagement ceremony.


3. Want multiple stones?

Who said you cannot add more than just one stone on your ring? Decorate your ring with the finest stones or diamonds rather. Give it a funky look along with some gold plated bands which lets the ring outshine every other ring.


4. Give it a unique style with a unique stone.

Why not give a chance to the other stones to portray how beautiful they actually are? Emeralds, ruby, topaz, and so many more shining stones are available so why settle for mainstream diamonds and gold?


5. Extraordinary bands.

Leaving the stone part aside, 2020 has also brought the hype of unique bands that are stunning by themselves - even without the stones. The same plain band is no more a trend, in fact, according to ring shops, their clients, new and old, look for rings that have bands different from any other band in the market.


Selecting the right engagement ring will never be a problem when you know what you want. So here’s wishing you the best for your Big Day!!

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