Portable power banks Learning, just like any other aspect of human life, is something that can easily be enhanced through the correct use and application of modern technology. With that said, we’ll like to run down a list of few devices and gadgets that you should definitely try to purchase before going back to school.


If you’re going back to school, then it goes without saying that a smartphone is nothing short of a must have. Apart from the obvious communicating and messaging function, a smartphone gives you easy access to the internet, is portable, and helps with other educative and extra-curricular functions.

There are various smartphones that you can purchase, depending on your wallet depth and financial capability. If you’re looking for high-end brands like iPhones and Samsung phones you can also get some now, especially since there are awesome deals available currently.


A laptop is definitely one of those gadgets that you should file under the ‘must have’ category. Laptops provide an array of functionalities that will make school much easier; web and internet video, music, PDFs (for studying), etc. They could prove to be awesome alternatives for mobile phones and you won’t regret having one.


However, for greater synchronization and better functionality, it is advisable to get a laptop that’s of the same base operating system with your phone. For instance, if you’ve got an iPhone, it might be better for you to get a Macbook. Apart from greater compatibility, you’ll find usage easier and sharing will be more seamless.


Tablets function as an amalgamation of mobile smartphones and laptops. They combine the functionalities of both devices and still have some space for a few extra features of their own. Tablets also come on various types, capabilities, and brands so you will be able to purchase anyone you require and which fits perfectly into your budget.


Wireless Mouse or Keyboard

Although seldom used, these two actually serve as appendages and useful extensions for when your desktop computer or laptop develops a fault with the mouse and/or keyboard that came with it from the manufacturer. They are nifty and they come with extensive purposes, so you might not want to discard any of them just yet. There are also wireless mice and keyboards that provide greater flexibility and a longer range of use.


Portable Power

No matter what, you should never run out of juice!



Portable power banks provide backups of power that can definitely come in hands if you ever have a reason to travel off the grid; like camping, field trips, etc. they provide a certain peace of mind and security for you and allow you to use your device to the fullest, with the knowledge of the fact that you’ve got a backup somewhere close.


Protective Case

Although not a gadget in itself, a protective case is something that you should have for your phone or tablet. In order to avoid wasting too much money, you could just as well purchase a case made by Tech21 or Otterbox. They have the most effective cases and you’ll benefit from them a lot.


Software or Subscription

A student’s life is made much easier with products like Spotify, Netflix, and Microsoft Office 365. Although some of them (like Netflix and Spotify) aren’t really essential for learning in itself, they will sure come in handy when the homework’s done and you need a little time to kick back.



Headphones are also definitely essential. Apart from the fact that they prove to be nice pieces of fashion, they are also needed if you’re a type of person who loves some musical inspiration while studying. You can’t have loud music playing in the library (or at any other public place, for that matter) so you might want to consider getting a pair.



Whether you’ve got a phone or any other device, you are still going to need the services of a mathematical and/or a scientific calculator. You can’t use your phone during a test, can you?


Portable Memory Device

Whether a memory stick, a flash drive, or a more capable hard disk, you’ll need something to help you capture large amounts of data easily. If you come across a digital textbook or any other resource and you won’t get the chance to come across it again, a memory device will definitely prove useful.