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Toronto Restoration Service Scams Girl for $250

Customer service is dead. At least that’s the secret motto behind, the Toronto-based company who scammed a young girl into paying $250 for a 2-second repair job.

The man on call arrived at 12 am to Sarah’s condo to fix a door that was wedged shut. Originally quoted $80 by the “company owner”, she agreed to use his services, worried that she may be stuck all night.


Upon arrival, the repair man saw a frantic and teary-eyed girl, desperate to have the door opened immediately. In her vulnerable emotional state, it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the situation and snatch a big stack of cash. After surveying the door, he quoted the price of the job at $250.

Sarah knew it was too expensive and asked how the quote could be so unreasonably high. The man reportedly responded, “Well, it’s 12 am and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. You’ll see.”

He then gave Sarah an ultimatum: “That’s the price or you can just pay me my $30 service fee,” reported Sarah. “I felt backed into a corner,” she revealed. “I could either pay the $30 and get nothing or trust his quote and get my problem fixed.” She chose to trust the repair man.

The repair man reportedly asked her again, confirming if she was willing to proceed at his price, “are you sure you’re good for it? I don’t want to finish and there be any surprises.” She knew something felt odd about his demeanor, but she needed to have the door opened. “I assumed he was a professional and was being honest about the work involved,” said Sarah.


Trusting the man, she miserably agreed to the terms. Within 30 seconds, he got the door opened. At that moment, Sarah knew she had been scammed. “He completely lied about the job needing a lot of work,” she revealed.

“In this situation, the repair man knew the girl had no knowledge of home repairs and had no other options,” explained gender equity specialist, Alina Pilin from York University.


It’s not the first time that has been reported to prey on single women, scamming them into paying outrageously high fees and taking advantage of their ignorance about home repairs. Katrin Pasternack, a single housewife in Thornhill, who has also used the company’s services, shares a painfully similar experience: “their repair guys will bully you into agreeing to their terms, but you don’t realize how dishonest their quotes are until it’s too late.”

Finding an honest handyman is not easy. In turn, many people tend to rely on friends and family for these types of services.

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