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Try to Keep Your Balance in the Friday Open Thread

Hello! Welcome to the Friday open thread, where it's so cold that snowmen are dying of hypothermia and robotic quadrupeds are trying to evict you from your home base. Thanks, Organa.

This week on Hackerspace, Professor Emeritus huh989 described how he found the phone he lost while skiing by using Google +'s location sharing feature (that's him failing to keep his balance in the gif above). If you have a Windows computer and a headset, you'll also appreciate his post on how you can use AutoHotKey to switch between audio output devices without the tedium of going through Control Panel. One more thing: if you have software recommendations for a recent Mac adoptee, please direct your condescension here.


As usual, the Friday open thread is brought to you by the cats who run Andy Orin's blog. Just kidding - the reality is far less magical. If you'd like to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a Hackerspace author, please review the cruel and unusual application process described here.

[Image via Gifsec]

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