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What new app did you find this week that you want to share? Addictive game, helpful tool, or something completely different?


  1. Please form your responses with: [OS] App Name that links to app store location.
  2. Links! We are lazy!
  3. ONE app only per week, please. Do you like a few? Come back next week and submit your 2nd.You can choose whatever OS you like. iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, whatever.


[Android] Missed Activity - free ($2.50 pro) - I was finding that I was missing chat messages because I didn't hear the notification sound from my phone. I have this app setup to have a 'nag' notification that keeps making a sound (I chose a less annoying sound) until I pick it up and look at it. Works great, though I think I paid for the pro version to get it to work with Hangouts.

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