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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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Tuesday Commenter App Roundup

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What new app did you find this week that you want to share? Addictive game, helpful tool, or something completely different?



1. Please form your responses with: [OS] App Name that links to app store location.
2. ONE app only please. Do you like a few? Come back next week and submit your 2nd.
3. You can choose whatever OS you like. iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, whatever.



[Android] Swype - because I found a new awesomeness that Swype is able to do and it is worth the purchase price. Swype now has a floating keyboard that I use for landscape mode. It allows you to keep the screen real estate devoted to the app you're in and not the keyboard. Swype is great for one thumb typing and without this feature, it is hard to use Swype gestures on a tablet. Check out the picture below.


Image: Dmitri Maximov

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