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Two Android Apps

I'd like to review, maybe even recommend a couple of Android apps.

This first one is a one-trick pony, called Wi-Fi Switcher.

There are a billion apps like it for toggling wifi, but this one has a tight little widget that actually fits with the scheme of things on my Nexus tablets, whatever that scheme might be. Meaning, it's not some tasteless thing that sticks out and wrecks the symmetry of my home screen.

The second app is called SB Wallpaper Changer.

I like Live Wallpaper, knowing how everyone says to turn it off to save battery. But imo the battery savings can go too far; you end up cutting off your arms and legs in order to lose weight. Live Wallpaper is one of those parts of Android that make my tablet fun to use and to look at, mostly to look at.

SB looks to be ad supported, I think, because what looks like an ad, is really shunted up and out of the way. If it is an ad, it's nothing that gets in the face.

Anyway this thing works much like the wallpaper changers on ye old desktop. You can use it on a timer, or you can double-tap the home screen to change wallpaper, or you can set up two different kinds of widgets to do the job, one you can see, the other transparent.

I like the app, and if it wants some of my tablet's juice, it can have it.

Hope you all enjoy.


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