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Eager to go for that long over-due vacation and have it for a low cost? Don’t go any further. You’re looking at the perfect guide. With this post, we will take you by the hand and walk you through the tips you can use to find the best vacation rental for your break.


And your pocket will not complain, either! Your trip could be on the sunny beaches of Hawaii, the beautiful scenic spots in the Philippines, or the smoky mountains of Tennessee. For this particular travel destination’s useful information, you can visit So far, it’s one of our favorite resource regarding vacation spots with mountainous areas.

That’s a big plus, and there’s more. They can get several budget-friendly amenities too. Kitchens make dining more cost-effective. Always eating out will definitely suck up more funds. Another thing, when choosing vacation rental, access to washing machines helps a lot. This allows a travel group or a family to pack less and avoid shelling out more cash for hefty bag-check fees. Want more perks? Most of the time vacation rentals have hot tubs, private pools, game rooms, and gathering areas for everybody to be together and make wonderful memories throughout the stay.

Tip #1 - Go on a vacation during off season

Off season travel generally means saving cost on airfare, dining, and entertainment. Not to forget, of course, is vacation rental. Aside from the fact that during off season, seats to most destinations are easier to book, you can also choose the best deals for a vacation rental. In case you can’t avoid not having a vacation in peak seasons like on holidays, here are the best deals to check out.


Something that you have been dreaming of for you and your family or your travel group. These vacation homes have much lower rates during off-seasons.

Tip #2 - Get info from someone you know

If you know someone living in the area, contact that person and get information from him about the prevailing rates of vacation rentals in the place. If he is a close friend, willing to help, and not too busy with anything, you may try asking him to personally go check some rentals for you in exchange for a favor. Or anything to reward him. There’s no harm in trying, right? This strategy will absolutely take away some of the stress of hunting for a property yourself that’s a perfect fit for your needs.


Tip #3 - Visit rental sites

You can get detailed info by visiting the many handy vacation rental sites on the Web. Most of them are extremely organized and will assist you to narrow down the properties that appeal to you. They can also inform you of what you can expect to see there. Many websites offer to let you save favorite properties to a list. This will make it easy for you to compare rentals, and to coordinate directly with property owners who are generally willing to share first-hand knowledge of areas where you can locate rentals.


Tip #4 - communicate with homeowners who don’t have advertising budgets

Properties that are advertised are usually the expensive ones. If your goal is to get the lowest rates, you need to contact the people whose houses are not advertised. These ones usually have low prices. They don’t have advertising budgets and they are not that business savvy to start with, so their only recourse is to lower their prices in order to compete with the ones with advertising budgets and who have impressive connections.


Tip #5 - Contact people who are members of business organizations or international civic organizations

These people are usually well connected and might own rentals or know someone who does. If you’re really lucky, you might find someone who owns several vacation rentals. You can tap them to collect insider info. This way, even while you are still planning your trip, you can get crucial facts such as — how far is the property from the places you want to visit? Is it accessible to the commercial area and places that can make things easier for your trip? Are they close to areas where you can have lower prices for essentials such as food, amenities, groceries, or areas where you can get an Internet connection? If you plan to work part-time while having a vacation, getting connected is a crucial consideration.


Tip #6 - Check travel forums

Photo Credit: SmokyMountains.comA friend who is an industry expert owns vacation rentals and consider it his main business suggests checking travel websites with forums. Check the online conversations. You might be able to gather pertinent info from them about the area and the rates of rentals in specific areas. That’s the second best thing about forums. The best part is — you might meet someone in the forums who actually owns vacation rentals. After preliminary exchanges, you may negotiate with that owner right there and then. Perhaps, after the initial conversations, you can arrange to have a casual skype chat, or you can opt to give them a phone call. If you think about it, that’s a great result that can come out from forums. Better than just getting info from advertisements, or from an online content or second-hand details from friends or business associates.


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