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Use Your Phone's Homescreen as a Temporary Quick Link Location

You're traveling, you need to access Google Maps a bunch in order to make your way around. Put a shortcut on your homescreen. Remove the shortcut when you get back home where you rarely need to use maps to know where things are.

Here's an example of how this might be used:

I often use this method for when I travel. I go to Portland, OR on a semi-regular basis. The apps that I use too infrequently enough to get a standard spot on my homescreen or in my homescreen's folders are:

  • My Delta - For the days I travel on Delta, my usual airline. If I'm flying Alaska or something, I'll use that.
  • Google Wallet - When I travel to Portland, I use it on the light rail system there, but I rarely use it while at home.
  • DC Metro and Bus - When I'm planning using the metro. I usually only use it to get around maybe once per week or so. Same applies to the Portland light rail app that I use to keep track of trains, when I'm there.
  • Google Music Widget - When I'm having people over and using my phone as the DJ, I'll keep the widget up on my screen, but otherwise, I generally just use either the notification bar or open the app which is in my "media" folder.
  • Waze (or Google Maps) - I use Waze frequently when driving, but often I find I need to jump over to Google Maps and use the vanilla Navigation app if Waze is being too wonky. If I have a road trip in front of me, it's very handy to be able to quickly pull these up.

Here's an example of my vanilla homescreen.

I only have one (no scrolling), which is rather spartan; A fact that I'm quite proud:

And here's my "travel setup" for when I'm travelling:


And an example for when I know I'm going to be driving all day:

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