With Google I/O's many announcements came a long awaited feature. Reminders. For the longest time Google Now only allowed reminders in a rudimentary way, through the alarm app. That's all. But now it's much more in depth and, well, all around cool! Plus, device sync, so if you make a reminder on your Nexus 7, it'll also pop up on your cell phone. Let's take a look.

First off you have to know how to create a reminder. This is simple, use the mic button in Google Now or your desktop widget and say remind me to (whatever it is) Or you can simply press the Google Now menu button and select set reminder. You could also say add reminder then input the info manually. I'll mention this again, but let's look at specific reminders.

There are 2 forms of the basic reminder.

1. Time and date based reminders. Like at 4 am tomorrow I need to pet my dog.

2. Location based reminders. So when I get to HEB (my local supermarket) I need to be reminded to grab milk. Because I always forget that. This is my Favorite out of the 2, because it doesn't remind you until you need it for sure. Like when you actually arrive at the location.


The basic reminder works like this. You can say "Remind me to clean my room" or "Add Reminder" and input it manually.

Then there is the date when you want it to bug you. You can select tomorrow or a specific date. (Today shows up to if I remember correctly)


You have selected the date so obviously time comes next. This feature is pretty neato. Not only can you select a specific time, which is expected, you can select a general time; such as morning, evening and afternoon. Which is a really cool feature if you just don't mind when.


Now we come to the second type of reminder. My favorite. The location based miracle machine! This has less settings since time doesn't matter. Only location. Just click the mic and say "Remind me to get the milk at HEB" or "Remind me to buy Double A Batteries at Target" The possibilities are endless! Also, you can simply say add reminder and select the little location pin or select set reminder as I mentioned earlier to do the same thing.

Now, when the reminder pops up, it will appear in your notification bar with a vibrate and a light. At the time or location you input.Swipe to remove as usual.


You can also view past and upcoming reminders by going to menu/settings/ My Stuff/ Reminders

This is a great tool, and I hope Google increases it's functionality deeper in the future. Maybe even a standalone app for reminders. Hope This Helped. :) I have included a video as well.


You can also sat "Remind me to check the water in 10 minutes" then it will remind you in 10 minutes from when you requested. Pretty neat!

Also, here is a reminder in the Google Now Widget.


UPDATE: This also works on your PC/ Mac: http://hackerspace.lifehacker.com/google-search-…

Lightflow also allows for more customized reminders with Google Now.