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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

I have an ugly-ish workaround for people complaining that they wanted to remove text from icons on the Windows desktop... <— BUT having used alt+255 or alt+0160 a bunch of times within a given icon’s name space, they might still be presented with this “...”

The solution for me was to reduce the size of icon text in the first place. In Windows Metrics (type that from Search, scroll down the elements and find Icon. Set its text size to something really small, or small enough that you can get away with not seeing “...” for however many icons you’re showing on the Desktop.

Another option is to set “Icon spacing (horizontal) to a larger value. <-that’s in Windows Metrics as well. You might need to use both methods to get rid of those pesky ellipsis points.

It’s cludgy, and it might upset how icons are displayed elsewhere, such as in your Explorer windows. Try it and see, if you’re interested at all.

Hope it helps.

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