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[Video] How to delete Google account permanently in 2016 - Simple steps to delete Google account

Deleting a Google or perhaps Gmail account is fairly simple. In fact you can terminate these accounts anytime you want. A thing that you may not be able to do instead is restoring it. There are times when we simply get fed up of using the same service for a longer period of time, or whatever the reason maybe, we just cannot take it anymore and we desperately want to end your association with that particular service.


Deleting a Google account permanently undoubtedly involves a risk of losing some important data or emails in your Gmail inbox. Hence, before proceeding further, it’s always recommended to have a backup of all your important data.

Now comes the real part:

1. If you’ve decided already to delete your Google account permanently, go to (Make sure to be signed in to the account you want to delete)


2. At the right side, you will find a section called “Account preferences.”

3. Now click the “Delete your account and services” option.

4. Choose “Delete Google account and data.” Once review carefully what you are going to delete, don’t forget to select both check boxes at the bottom of the page.


5. Now choose “Delete account.”

6. That’s it!

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