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Hi Hackerspacers!! It’s been another long time. But here might be a good tip for you who are using Windows, especially 10.

I kept losing my wallpaper with each restart of Windows 10 <—- with all the feature updates and security stuff and whatever, up to date as of July 24 2018.

I found some instructions here, but maybe don’t go there; they keep recommending a mysterious tool to fix all your Windows problems, so I just copied the useful text and brought it along. Anyway here is the place to (possibly) avoid:

Now for the useful things. Btw, solution 1 was the fix that worked for me.


Fix black desktop background on Windows 10

1. Disable Desktop icons

This is how you will fix your issue with the black Desktop background in just four easy steps:

Make sure that the Desktop is showing, and then right click on the empty area. In the View section, untick Show Desktop icons, and all your desktop icons will disappear.
After that, click on the empty area on your Desktop once again and go to Personalize from the menu. If you are already using a theme with a single wallpaper, select some theme with multiple wallpapers. For example, Microsoft’s Line and colors theme, and right after that switch back to the default theme.
Close the Personalization window, and your Desktop will turn black without showing any wallpaper on the screen.
To finally fix this issue, you have to turn on your Desktop icons once again, and then disable them again.

2. Sign out of Windows

If the first method didn’t help you, try signing out of Windows.

Go to Start > Settings > select Ease of Access
Click on ‘Other option’ > make sure that Windows background is enabled as shown in the screenshot belowenable windows background
Now, select your favorite wallpaper and set it as your background image. Do this even if the desktop background is black.
Sign out and then sign back in. The new background should now be visible.

3. Change Themes folder to not hidden

If nothing worked, try changing the Themes folder to not hidden. Some users confirmed that this workaround helped them solve the problem. Give it a go and see if it works for you as well.

You can find the Themes folder at this address: C:\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes



Happy computing!

—Moon PS: ignore the dupe link below.

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