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As we've mentioned before, we have an awesome new, soon-to-be-user-run blog called Hackerspace. You've probably been wondering how you can contribute your favorite tips, tricks, and how-to guides to it. Wonder no more! Here's how you can become an author.


Unlike our old Tips and Open Thread forums, Hackerspace is a full blog run completely by you guys. The only catch is that not everyone can post—this helps keep the spammers and PR folks from taking up space in the forum, and gives you guys more tools to share your favorite stuff.

So how can you become an author? Let us know in the comments of this post! Share a little bit about what areas interest you and what kind of stuff you'd like to post on the blog, and if we like it, we'll get you set up. Fire away!

UPDATE: Wow, you guys are awesome! I never thought this many people would be on board! We have a limited number of author slots we're starting out with, so I'll respond to each of you individually. If you haven't heard back by now, we didn't get you in the first round, but keep checking Hackerspace for more chances to contribute. Thanks everyone!

UPDATE #2: This thread is now finished. If you want to be an author for Hackerspace, you can read more about the process here.


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