Hello, boys and girls, the hip and square, the free and incarcerated, those who went to Harvard Business School and those who didn't. Welcome to a very special edition of the Friday open thread, where I pretend that things are special for no reason and you play along/humor me.

This week on Hackerspace, long-time contributor Anthony Dejolde wrote about how he learned to cope with the loss of his beloved dog. Oliver Baker reviewed four free screencasting programs for Linux. Last but not least, umataro wrote about Xposed, ART runtime, and other Android-y things I don't understand.


As usual, the Friday open thread is brought to you by Hackerspace, the blog that in theory is run by respectable members of the Lifehacker community but in reality resembles a lawless outpost on the Mexican border before Clint Eastwood rode into town. Because the best Kinja is meta Kinja, I invite you to go vote on what is the best kind of stick on Eric Ravenscraft's blog.

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