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We Made A Science Film About Vaccines

I have a group of close friends and we all work within some arm of research medicine (from immunology, cancer immunotherapy, clinical trials, to molecular imaging and structural modeling). We decided to enter a science film competition that finished up last week, and our film is finally available to the public on YouTube.

Why is something like this important?

There has been a ton.. and I mean a TON of misleading information relayed to the public construed from one study that not only contained falsified data, but has been refuted time and time again. The bottom line is that misinformation leads to confusion, and there has been a slow revival of many diseases that were no longer on the public radar (ie pertussis/whooping cough caused by Bordetella pertussis) due to failure of the immune system to have been primed for the bacterium in the first place.


Hopefully we can get this lighthearted yet highly informative video out there that explains the basis of so many vaccines and what they are composed of. In the case of this video we utilize the example of viruses as robots. Enjoy!

Please note that there was a 10 minute time limit to the submissions, and there is no truly feasible way to explain every type of vaccine as well as immune system responses within that time limit.

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