Hey all! I figured I would try to help others understand how to maintain their cars on their own instead of paying a garage more than you need to (I would know, I work as a mechanic, and we overcharge like thieves). So to start these weekly lessons off, I'll start with the most basic of maintenance needs, the cabin and engine air filters.

The Cabin Air Filter:

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your cabin air filter every 30k miles, but if you live in an area where the air is particularity dirty, like Texas, you should replace it more often. I do mine at about 15k miles. They should cost between $10-25 for the STP or Fram brand filters.

Most of the cabin filters in cars are just behind the glove box, making it one of the easiest things to replace. Here's what it looks like in a Honda Civic. Just press in the sides of the glovebox to open it. Its different for every car, so I'd recommend checking your owner's manual or your car's forums online.

There should be a small cover that opens to reveal the filter, the filter itself is white (or grey/brown if its dirty), and about an inch tall.


When putting in the new filter, make sure that you follow the right direction for air flow.

The Engine Air Filter:

This one is a little more difficult, especially if your engine is hot, like mine was today. These should also be replaced every 30k miles, but again, if you live in a dirty air area, it should be replaced more often. I do these at 15k as well. These cost anywhere from $10-20, and again, opt for the STP, WIX, or Fram, over the K&N Performance to save some cash.


The box that the filter is in is circled here.

On the side of that container are metal clips, pull them off and open it. The filter should pull out pretty easily and you can replace it. Here's what it looks like:


If you read this far, I thank you. Let me know if you want me to explain any other kind of maintenance in the comments below, or if you have any questions about this!