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Weekly Car Stuff: Why you should get an AutoZone Rewards card

Hey everybody! I'm out of town this week so I can't really show you anything specific on my car, and my cousins won't let me touch their cars, so here's something that will definitely still help you.

Autozone recently changed its rewards program to something that is absolutely fantastic. If you make 5 purchases of $20 or more, you get a $20 credit added to your rewards card. Before it used to be 5% of certain purchases so spending $100 meant you would get $5 back, but now spending $100 means you get $20 back. If you're buying more than $40 worth of stuff in one trip, you can split the purchases to make two qualifying purchases instead of one, helping you get to those rewards faster!


Hopefully I'll be back home next week, and assuming school starting doesn't kill me, you'll have another car post soon!

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