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Howdy folks, as one of the Lifehacker commenters entrusted with jump-starting this beast called Hackerspace, it might be a good thing to discuss what you, the authors/commenters, feel are 'best practices' when posting tips, discussions, and open questions.

I'd like to propose a few guidelines to get the conversation going,

1. For longer posts, how-tos, guides and the like, try to find a clever lead image.
2. Like any good forum, shall we try to keep it relevant to the site's founding purpose? Hackerspace is an offshoot of Lifehacker, so maybe let's just keep that in mind.


3. Learning the aesthetics of kinja posts to keep things looking as dapper as possible. Here are my observations of how most Lifehacker posts are formatted:

  • You start with a title (using title case capitalization).
  • This is followed by an image and lead paragraph that basically restates the title, adds some more information, but doesn't get into the meat of the post right away.
  • Next you have your post text. You can add numbering, bullets, quotes, pictures, links, etc.
  • Lastly, you'll want to tag the topic and key words referenced.

4. For questions or short comments that aren't responding to a post directly, I would say avoid adding images, try to keep it in the first paragraph and maybe start the title with "Question: ," "Quick Note: ," or something similar. Does anyone have any good ideas on this front?

5. Can we have an agreement that all caps statements/words is bad and you shouldn't use it? I feel the discussion at Lifehacker is generally a cut above your average YouTube comment stream and we should keep that up here, too.

Anyways, that should get things going. Discuss below!

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