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Welcome to Hackerspace!

This is Lifehacker's new offshoot blog, Hackerspace. Well, really, it's your blog. This is a place where you guys can come share your favorite tips, write your own how-to guides, and otherwise hack the night away.

Hackerspace takes the place of our old Tips and Open Thread forums. Instead of a forum, though, it's a full blog run completely by you guys, using all the same tools we use to build Lifehacker.


We've gotten Hackerspace started with a few of our regulars from Tips and Open Thread, but you can become an author too. We'll have more details on this as we finish establishing the blog and hand it over to its new administrators. For now, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and start sharing tips in the comments below, and keep an eye on Hackerspace for more info soon!

Photo by Mitch Altman.

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