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Welcome to Your Friday the Thirteenth Open Thread!

Consider inviting an extra guest if you’re thirteen at table.

It’s Friday the Thirteenth, Hakerettes. My mom was born on Friday, January 13, 1922, and I’m here — surprising though you may find it — to tell you how lucky we all are. Our friends at Lifehacker are, once again, indulging us by hosting the Friday Open Thread. We have access to the internet so we can easily explore the myths and traditions behind paraskevidekatriaphobia. And, we’re here and we get to share with one another. Mom would be thrilled if she were still with us.

This week on Hackerspace, Scotch Wichmann posted Tough Love for Russia’s (Alleged) Election Hack.


So, what’s on your mind? What’s the haps? How are your New Year’s resolutions going, and what can we do to encourage you? What questions do you have and what can you share? The comments section is open for business.

As for me, my new partner and I are planning to do some traveling this year outside the US to explore some possible retirement destinations. Unlike the couple on Househunters International who decided to buy a home in Malta on the basis of a couple hours’ visit years before, we plan to look at numerous places and try temporarily living in several of them before we make any big changes. I’ve been thinking that teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in a foreign country would be fun, and I’m looking into a training class for the certification. Do any of you have TEFL certification? Where did you earn it? Have you taught English in another country and, if so, did you enjoy it? Did you work through an agency? What tips or cautions do you have for me?

Have a super weekend, all!

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