Well, here you see it. Two courses done, with 24 weeks left in my first term at WGU. For those just joining us, I'm writing about my experience with the competency-based approach at Western Governors University as I tackle my degree in IT Security. WGU has 6 month long semesters, costing approximately $3,000 each, but during those semesters you can take as many classes as you can complete at your own pace. So far I've done ORA1 (Orientation), and now Reasoning and Problem Solving(CLC1).

As you can see here, I've got 3 more courses planned right now, but I hope to accelerate much faster than that. Today I'm going to focus on the exam taking process. If you're taking an exam for a certification, like IT Fundamentals II and III, which together will gain me my CompTIA A+ Certification, then you go to a PearsonVUE testing center, which is very straight forward. Passing the cert exam also completes the course.

But for others, like Reasoning and Problem Solving (CLC1), you have to take an exam made by WGU, which is what I did two days ago. When you enroll, WGU sends you a stand alone webcam that you can set on your desk. You download some software from a 3rd party proctoring provider called Kryterion so they can see your computer, and they look through the webcam at you and your desk, and watch your computer screen. They send you a little whiteboard that you can scribble problems on, and you can use a calculator, but that's it.


I took this test two days ago, and while I had a couple issues (my webcam won't focus unless I tape the focus ring in place), things went very smooth. They did interrupt my test at one point to have me tilt my camera down so they could see my hand, but other than that, I passed my first course two weeks after beginning. I have my IT Fundamentals II course exam set for Thursday, so I'll be back after that to let you all know how I did. So that should be 7 credits earned in 19 days. If I manage it, that means I'll be on track to get my Bachelor's degree within a year, which was my original goal.

Stay tuned for more! And if anyone does decide to enroll here, contact me and I'll get your application fee waived.