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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Like many readers of Lifehacker i have always had a soft spot for Linux, when a new release of Ubuntu comes around i usually fire up a vm and see what it has to offer, perhaps you dual boot it as a lightweight alternative to windows when all you want is to quickly turn on your laptop to check an email. Or you install it on a secondary machine be it a dedicated android flashing and tweaing machine, web browsing old laptop or HTPC (that until you decide too use netflix and are crippled by lack of silverlight support)

Like me perhaps you love the openness and the general concept behind Linux based operating systems. Also like me perhaps you find the only thing holding you back from making the switch is one maybe two mainstay applications that are OS specific or even just limited to Windows or OSX.


What are the apps that hold you back and make you feel like your windows licence is worth the exorbitant cost.

For me the main apps that i cant live without are:

-The adobe cs suite (or whatever they are calling it now)

-Ableton Live

Thats it, two apps (ok adobe sutite is more than one app) that i need to use that make me choose windows or osx whilst really wanting to choose a Linux based alternative.


What are your apps that lock you into the closed source world

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