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What are Push to Talk Devices and Why You Should Use Them?

Push to talk devices have become the new rage in the world of gadgets. It is a super fast and efficient gadget created to simplify the process of communication. It enables the users to connect with each other seamlessly, by means of the device – irrespective of the time or location – all with just the push of a button.

Does this remind you of a Walkie Talkie? Well, I’m not surprised, as it is somewhat like that.


A large number of organizations are extremely excited about this invention and have implemented the use of reliable push to talk devices, like the peak push to talk in their organization.

Do you know why?

It is because for organizations that require staying connected with their employees who function from different locations, the push to talk devices are a boon.


If you are still sceptical about how these devices can help you, here’s a list of some the top advantages of these devices.

· It enables instant communication

If you run a business where on-field communication is required round the clock, and the various teams need to stay connected to each other from their respective remote locations, a one button communication mechanism is extremely beneficial. There’s no need to dial a number and wait for the call to initiate and connect every single time. This saves a significant amount of time and subsequently aids productivity. According to statistics, a normal call takes 20 seconds to be completed, whereas with a PTT device it’s a matter of just 1 second.


· They make a lot of sense in terms of finances

These push to talk devices are built to be extremely tough, and thus they are resistant to water, dust, extreme temperatures and all sort of dirt. This robust nature of these devices, allowing it to withstand the regular wear and tear in the hands of employees, especially who work on field reduces the frequency at which they need to replaced considerably, in comparison to ordinary mobile devices.


· Communicating with groups is easier than ever

With these extremely cool devices you can connect to not 5, not 10 but up to 249 users at the same time. That’s not all. With the push of one button, you can now reach out to the entire team simultaneously by creating calling groups. You can have different groups for different purposes. So whenever you need to contact a specific group you just push the button and Voila! All of them are beeped together and ready to catch up.


· It also performs the function of a regular mobile device

Oh yes! This is like an all-in-one device. You can use it like a normal mobile phone for making ordinary calls, browsing the web pages, sending and receiving e-mails, clicking photographs – so on and so forth. So guess what? There’s no need to carry multiple devices while you are at work.


Doesn’t it sound like exactly what you need for the seamless functioning of your business?

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