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Streaming movies online at your home might be comfortable, but there is no denying the pleasure of watching films on a big screen. Many people still prefer to visit the cinemas for that big screen movie watching experience. And this is what drives the business for cinema owners and makes it a profitable endeavor.

Now, when it comes to increasing the profitability of cinema owners, a self-service ticket kiosk has been found to be highly effective. Apart from straightening out the daily operational hassles, there are 4 major and distinct advantages of these self-service kiosks.

1. Goodbye to long and winding ticket queues

A self-service ticket kiosk is indeed effective in curtailing long queues and also waiting times for customers. Instead of waiting in long never-ending lines, movie-goers can simply buy tickets and take print-outs from this self-service outlet. They will, of course, have to buy tickets online beforehand, so that they can follow the simple instructions displayed on the screen and swiftly procure the ticket printouts.


2. Boost customer satisfaction

Shorter queues and swifter checkouts from the self-service kiosks mean happier customers. The sight of never-ending queues at the ticket counters is itself a shocker and a huge turn-off. So naturally, when customers find short and swiftly moving lines, the energy and optimism kick in. And a higher degree of customer satisfaction means a higher level of profitability and revenues.

3. Improved concession coordination

Even if several employees are posted behind the counter, organizing food preparation for customers who have opted for concession deals, can be very difficult at times. To complete the orders on time, several employees might need to be engaged at one go, and it becomes all the more tricky when hot food items are added to the list. Moreover, customers can also procure their concession food items more easily through a self-service kiosk. They just need to take out a printed version of their bill from this kiosk and proceed towards the respective counter to collect the food items. This eliminates errors and reduces human errors in calculating deals and offers.


4. Lower labor costs

Labor costs are one of the major expenses when it comes to the hospitality industry – and cinema owners are not exceptions to it. To make sure that customers are not left dissatisfied, you will, of course, want to employ more people to cater to their diverse requirements on time. And that is how the labor costs keep on piling. But when you have a self-service kiosk, you can optimize the overhead expenses by employing technology. The costs that you save from this can be channelized in some other aspects of your business for betterment.


There might be several more benefits of employing a self-service kiosk, which you might realize once you install it. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect a self-service ticket kiosk to cater to any and every requirement. But these advantages mentioned here are undoubtedly significant for cinema owners.

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