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What is a Power Bank and What Devices are Compatible?

The Power Bank- What is it?

A portable power bank is comprised of a dedicated battery as well as a special case and a circuit that is used to control the flow of power. They make it easy for you to store electrical energy (or, to use in if better terms, to store the energy in the bank) and use it at a later time to give power to a device in need of charging (withdrawing the power from the bank)


The popularity of power banks in recent times has definitely become on the rise, especially asthe battery power of many devices are far outstripped by the amount of time that users spend on them on a daily basis. By keeping a power bank close by, it will be easy for you to power up a device in need of charging… and you don’t even need to be near a source of power.

What devices are compatible?

Power banks are actually good for basically any type of device, as long as the device in question has a USB charging port. GoPros, mobile phones, cameras, some tablets (not all, mind you), GPS systems, MP3 players, etc. can easily be charged with the use of a power bank. Basically, as long as a device has a USB port that you can use to charge it while at home, you’ll be able to charge it with a power bank as well.


As a matter of fact, some power banks even have the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time. For instance, the BlitzWolf Polymer Power Bank has two charging ports accompanied by its QualcommQuick Charge and 18W dual USB output, this is one viable option for anyone looking for a strong power bank. Get 30% off by using coupon code “2VZL2WJX”.

How do they charge?

Most commonly, a power bank will have an input socket where it receives power from. This power can come from basically anywhere; your computer, an outlet (which, by the way, is the fastest charging option) etc. Power banks usually make use of mini or micro-USB sockets for charging, while discharging with full-sized USB sockets. There are also some power banks that charge and discharge with the same socket, but this is rare and you should not try it (forcing power in trough an output socket will definitely damage the power bank)


The time take for a power bank to fill up when charging largely depends on the capacity of the power bank as well as its current charge level. For instance, a power bank rated 1500mAh should charge in the same time it will take an average mobile phone. Mot power banks also have LED lights that show the extent to which they have been charged. Also, it is essential that you remove a power bank when it’s fully charged. Overheating can occur and damage its circuit.

Types of power banks

There are various types of power banks available:

- The universal power bank: This is a type that can be tailored to the requirements of your devices.


- The solar charged power bank: These ones have photovolatic panes that can charge their internal battery when exposed to sufficient sunlight. However, due to the slow speed of solar charging, these power banks also have USB cables for their own charging as well.

The third option is the conventional battery phone case. However, while these ones can be handy, they are also pretty lagging in the compatibility department.

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