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What's The Best Looking Android App?

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I've always heard time and time again by numerous sources how Android apps in general aren't up to snuff with the design standards set by their iOS counterparts. After being a past iPhone 4 owner and now a Galaxy S4 owner I feel as if this is just a nonsensical notion since there are plenty of apps on Android that are well designed. One of my favorites would have to be Series Guide, an app for tracking past, present and future episodes of TV Shows. The holo themed UI and position of different function buttons to me feel like some real thought was put into this one. Also the image of a scene in a TV episode and the tinted background that reveals a promotional image on an episode's synopsis page are like icing on the cake.


What I really want to know is what other well designed apps are there on the play store that I should know of? I've been playing around with the Solar weather app beta (not available yet on the play store) and I'm really looking foward to other great apps coming out in the future. Leave your suggestions with links in the comments!

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