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When a Small Startup is Rewarded by a Giant like Evernote

I'm not used to write directly about the startup I'm working for, but today is a great day for us and I wanted to share our joy here!

My startup is Azendoo and we just won the award as Best Multi-Platform App of 2014 for the Evernote Platform Awards! That's a total blast for my team!


At Azendoo, we are on a mission to make teamwork simpler with partner apps like Evernote and this is only the beginning. Together we change the rules of teamwork.

EC4: From Inspiration to Achievement

So the Evernote team invited us on stage at the Evernote Conference 4 held in San Francisco on October 2-3. We're quite thrilled and scared at the same time ;-)

Besides, our goal is also to go beyond our actual integration of Evernote. So we'll keep on working with the Evernote team to come up with the best integration for our users.

Our last meeting at SXSW 2014 ended up with the feature to import Evernote checkboxes in Azendoo and transform them into actionable tasks.


How is Azendoo integrated to Evernote?

If you use Evernote, Dropbox, Box or Google Drive like us, you have tons of great content in there. Apps like Evernote are great places to collect and store your life. But when it comes to use that content, we're back to dodgy place, like emails.


Azendoo is a collaborative task and project management app. It lets you collaborate on your Evernote notes to boost your productivity and communicate better!

So first of all you can share an Evernote note in an Azendoo task or message (on the web and mobile) with your teammates. It also works with Skitch which is a powerful tool for web project management.


Plus, you can export your Azendoo (personal or team) tasks lists to an Evernote note.


And last but not least, you can convert and sync your Evernote checkboxes into Azendoo tasks. Here is a full demo of this integration:

Besides Azendoo also integrates Yinxiang (Chinese Evernote app).

Azendoo and Evernote are complementary apps. Evernote works as your external brain (to store all your content), and Azendoo lets you take action on this content. This is a complete integration for project management for example. If you want to learn more, an Evernote ambassador wrote a full review of this integration.


So we'll be showcasing Azendoo during the Evernote Conference 4 and I wish I'll have the possibility to meet with you guys! So feel free to drop me a line if you're around SF on October 2-3.

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