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When Windows Can't Find a Program


I don’t know, but this may be a workaround; it has worked (so far) for every reboot.

@echo off
start /min “” “C:\stuff\Portables\7tt\7tt.exe” -hidewnd


... some other program
... some other program
... some other program



^^ The key seems to be, let the taskbar tweaker start first in the script, then pause for 3 seconds. I was reading elsewhere, that 7tt might give the startup error if it doesn’t (see) certain elements of the taskbar. So, I let it run first, then make the batch file wait, before other programs can do anything. One or more of these “other programs” might have messed with the taskbar in such a way as to (confuse) 7TT.

That’s the latest theory.

Btw, this is the original error message:

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UPDATE 1: Ideas needed!

I am a bit upset. The problem has come back. In the same unpredictable way. When I powered up the computer this evening, there was that message that Windows couldn’t find that ‘taskbar tweaker’ I wrote about. I rebooted and the problem went away.

There goes my theory about the length of file names and the characters in them.

Can someone please tell me, what might “Taskbar Tweaker”’s problem be? Because Windows auto-runs whatever else I tell it to. I just DON’t UNDERSTAND what either software’s problem could be. :(



Ok I thought I wouldn’t post a Windows tip again around here, coz they’re too small, and possibly too niche, so niche in fact, that maybe only *I* can benefit from them. But here goes.

I’ve been having this stupid problem on boot and reboot, wherein a certain program called “7+ Taskbar Tweaker” might or might not autostart. Windows would claim that it couldn’t find the program, or “the file or folder specified”. I should have made a screeny of the message, but some of you have probably seen similar. It brings you the good news, just when you reach the Desktop. Naturally, I hate it.

With this program at least, what seems to fix it, is to change the programs name to something short, without spaces, and possibly without math symbols, though I don’t know that for sure.

The program’s executable name was “7+ Taskbar Tweaker.exe”. <— It seems to me this is just asking for trouble. So I renamed every instance, every reference of that exe to “7tt.exe”. I did this after a reinstall of the program, though it maybe could have been done in place. I made the change on disk and in the Registry. Also, any folders that were strung out in that way, were filed down to a few letters, on disk and in the Registry.

So... that’s about it. The error is gone. It would have been better if it had been predictable, but it wasn’t. Oh well. Happy computing!


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