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Whether you have kids or not you can still make use of Kid's Corner on your Windows Phone 8. Kid's Corner is a method of restricting which apps a user (nominally your kids) has access to but it's just a guest account by another name. You get your own home screen to launch them. In effect it gives you an alternative home screen which can be put to a better use than just for your kids.

Setting up Kid's Corner is simple enough – you can find it in Settings. Go there and enable it. You can add stuff in two different ways; from the Kid's Corner settings page or by long pressing an app in the apps list. You can create a Kid's Corner page with, let's say all the apps you might use while driving. Maps, navigation, foursquare, Radio, Music etc. – you can even add playlists and albums you like to listen to while driving. One idea is to put all your playlists here for almost instant access to your music. Or all your games.

Accessing your Kid's Corner start screen is easy – just swipe right on your lock screen instead of up and you're there.


One unintended but useful side-effect of using Kids Corner is when you have a password or PIN set. If you have "Require a password" set to, for example 15 minutes then the PIN is enabled as soon as you use Kid's Corner allowing you to leave your phone close by "that guy in the office" while you answer a call of nature without him taking advantage of your absence to go through the phone.

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