After going through all of the information regarding the jailbreak, scandal and all I was reassured by the community and mainly Saurik on reddit that as long as I'm careful I should jailbreak now and wait for an update to roll out through Cydia for mobilesubtrate and other tweaks to be updated by their devs.

The main reason why I jailbroke though was two things.

  1. They are using an exploit contained in a certain app that if taken down might ruin the process.
  2. If apple pushes 7.1 and it's not jailbreakable then you only get one try at attempting if you are still on 7.0.4 and under.

So with those two things in mind I though why not and took the dive. Backed up read very carefully and kept watch on reddit.

So far I've had little to no problems but that is entirely due to the fact that I measured twice before I cut once so to speak.


The tweaks that have been working great for me are:

f.lux, hiddensetting7, ifile, switchspring, and nitrous, also swipselection is currently deleting two spaces for every one tap on delete, making it kinda funny to edit text.


I would also like to note that I have installed bootstrap as I read about how it could protect certain aspects of preferenceloader and mobilesubtrate if they fail on resprings. I am running an iPhone 5 CDMA model.

Anyway, what do you guys think?