Being a student implies managing a lot of projects at the same time, whether it's group projects, essays, readings, finals, etc.

Most of the time students create Facebook Pages to organize group projects, communicate ideas and share documents that pertained to the assignment. They also use emails to share information and send tasks. But you know, Facebook really sucks at organizing multiple aspects of a project and emails are a dead end in project management.

We all know that conventional social network boards only allow their users to present and comment on one idea at a time. Not to mention the fact that they have no notion of the many tasks that make up a project. School group project are built by several people at the same time, requiring file sharing, co-editing, questions and presentations. Besides personal projects also require external ressources, file sharing, access to information… Whether it's to complete a group project, write an essay or study for the finals, students need ways to communicate and synchronize their work.

Facebook may be the world's social network, it is not suited for project management. Facebook groups are only made for discussion, file sharing and polls, and they don't help student take actions! Facebook is a place to meet and discuss but not to achieve work.


You might remember that at first Facebook was built for the students « to share and connect with people in their lives », Facebook is a connecting tool, not a collaborative one. The most important downfall to using Facebook for student group project organization isn't getting in touch (because Facebook does that very well), it's the inability to organize multiple aspects of a project.

Students are using Facebook because they are use to it... and not because this is the best tool.


Students, what you need is a collaborative web application that allows you to organize your group projects according to the many tasks that need to get done, and who's going to do it. A place where you'd be able to plan the things you need to do and discuss in real time with your team members.

Change your habits now, it's for your own good :-)