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Wifi Switch Widget

Since the Reverend Gordon converted me to Apex Launcher, I've been looking for a wifi toggle widget that didn't look ugly, and didn't stick out amongst Apex's otherwise nice surroundings.

It was harder to find than I thought. There are plenty of widgets for toggling wifi, but they were either ugly or laden with features I didn't need. Even Google's stock toggle widget is UGLY, imo. k never mind the imo. It's ugly. It never fit in with *anything* I tried to do to make my home screen look good.

This one, called WIfi Switch Widget is the best of them, I think, at least the best I could find at Google Play. Maybe 'ideal' is a better word. You can toggle wifi on and off of course, but you can also set colors for the widget's on/off states. As a nice bonus, WSH has no caption, just a clean icon.

I set mine to green for OFF, blue for ON. Perfect. Because to be green is to be eco-conscious or something, and to be blue is, well to be blue.

Hope someone else enjoys this.

PS: my home screen. If you think it's ugly, well I'm not done yet.


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