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Win7LogonBackgroundChanger - a Bug, and a Workaround


is good for those of us who get sick of our logon backgrounds in a hurry, and want some other pointless yet meaningful pictures in their place.

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However (at least on my system) choosing your pic and clicking Apply, is no guarantee that LBC won’t freeze and just sit there eternally, causing everything *else* to ultimately gum up as well.

Before all gets too frozen up, kill the program from the Task Manager, or do this at a cmd window

taskkill /f /im Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe

Now, restart the program, and this time, select your pic— but DON’T click Apply yet—- Instead, goto Settings, pick your preferred text shadow color, click OK, THEN click Apply. LBC should now do as intended, and then allow you to close it normally (such as with the “X” in the upper right of the screen, or with ALT+F4.

Hope you like.

PS: That’s not my real name on the logon screen. My real name is Horris.

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