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Windows 10 error message

Update: This should come after, but I thought I’d put it here at the top. This problem went away as of August 15 or 24th, not sure which, have not researched, am just glad it’s fixed. Thanks MS. When I applied kb3081441 and/or kb3081438, the error mentioned below, vanished. So that’s that. Until the next problem. ; )


I wonder if someone can shed light on a Win10 problem I’m seeing? It’s this:

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I get that when I click on subheadings in “related settings” under Themes.

The problem goes away with a sign-out or a restart, but it comes back if I need to exit the explorer shell process and restart that process. I do *that*, because it’s the only way to make the taskbar go back to autohiding, like I’ve told it to. Sometimes the taskbar gets stuck in visible mode, and won’t behave until I exit and restart explorer.exe. But then, that error I mentioned, comes back.

Any thoughts? I have looked, really LOOKED around for an answer, there is essentially nothing out there, that mentions this particular issue. I’ve tried troubleshooting steps for seemingly non-related problems that others have, but no change. It seems like I’ve done everything, short of a reset. Ideas anyone? Thanks!

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