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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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Windows Phone 8.1 volume controls

Now we all got the Windows Phone update to 8.1 some things are hiding around that you don't read about anywhere.

You probably read about the much anticipated volume controls enhancement where notification and ringer volumes were going to be separated from music and app volumes (why we didn't get this at the inception of WP7 years ago I still don't know). Well, as well as splitting the source audio volume control you can split the destination volume control too. Plug in a headset and you get the chance to change the volume for the headset – and that's a sticky… Unplug the headset and the media volume returns to whatever you had it set to. Plug in the headset again and your previous setting has been remembered. Hardly overwhelming but should have been there from the start. Got Bluetooth? That has its own volume controls too (also sticky) so you won't deafen yourself when you get in the car. Like I said, nothing groundbreaking and should have been there all along. But now you got 8.1 – it's been a while coming, so let's make the best of its new features.


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