I'd like to demonstrate a form of word hacking, by which you can plow down huge swaths of text using a little grammar and a little philosophy. You will make more gains in sentence streamlining than if you had applied grammar OR philosophy on their own. To illustrate, requires but a simple sample sentence like this one:

It wasn't any of my business.

^^ As you can already see, that sentence is too long. We could begin cutting back in this way:

It was none of my business.

^^ But that's still too long. So we move on to this:

It wasn't my business.

^^ Still too long, isn't it? We can continue:

Not my business.

^^ That could do with further trimming. At this point, we can fall back on an acronym:


^^ If we can assume that "NOMB" means "none of my business.", then what, exactly, is being talked about? In other words, what is "it"? We don't know. That part wasn't stated anywhere.

Also, when we say "my", who is *that* referring to?? That information wasn't given either. Apparently the person doing the speaking, is "I". But even THAT won't help us here.

Therefore, there is no "it" and there is no "I". Thus, there is nothing, which can be expressed as: