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Would You Travel Far For A Good Meal?

During the holidays, many people like to pause their regular lives and travel. Destinations with warm, sunny beaches or beautiful historic landmarks are popular draws for travellers—but what about a good meal?

Foodie culture is on a steady rise. All you have to do is open your favourite news app or flip through videos on YouTube to see the sheer number of food-related content available. It’s normal to see someone excitedly whipping out their camera at a meal to snap a picture before digging in. For many travellers, the plates they eat along the way are just as exciting as the monuments and museums they visit. Food offers travellers a glimpse into the lifestyle, values and traditions of local communities.

That’s why food tourism, also known as gastronomic tourism, is on the rise. People are planning travel itineraries catered entirely to sampling foods of the region and dining at notable restaurants. Rural places that previously garnered little traffic are now food tourism hot spots.


Here is an infographic with some interesting facts about the rise of food tourism.

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